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About Me

I live in Nebraska USA I.m a trucker without a job right now but if the lord is willing I'll find a good company to drive for.


My driving career

  I started My trucking by going thru The Iowa Trucking School in Des Moines Ia. Then from there I drove a spotter for TSC in Des Mounds for 5 yrs. This job I worked 10 hrs a day 7 days a week 359 days a year.
   At TSC I washed out trailers backed them into the dock to be loaded then took them to our lot to be picked up by the Over the road drivers. The plant that loaded them was a Swift meat packing. When I wasn't backing or washing I was taking our trailers across town to a storage plant called Miller Wharehouse.
  It wasn't just a job believe it or not I enjoyed it the people I worked with was like a second family. One time the river flooded we had a old KW for a truck I had to take trailers over to the storage & the streets were flooded I went threw it the water came up to the bottom of the trailers but I smoothly sailed threw it, got yelled at by people who's cars was under water because of the waves I caused like there cars wasn't all ready gone. Had a driver there that took trailers to other drops in Iowa one day he laid a load of swinging (swinging is a load of side of beef hanging from hooks on the ceiling) on it's side then he walked away from the scene.
   In the winter one of my jobs was starting refer units (refer is short for Refrigerated) & making sure they stayed runnung. Some times we had to work on them in temps below freezing. Don't tell anyone but I injoyed my job back then

  From TSC I went to work for Universal Truckung out of Clive Ia.I drove for them two years I loved this company they treated like you were part of their family. We deliverd dry goods the main items were Maytag applinces & Firestone tires. I went mostly down south & fell in love with the south..

My Recent News

35th class Reunion

Saturday Night was my 35th class Reunion, It was great to see all the old class mates, I had a blast. Took my Wife I was afraid she would be bored being their with me spending time with the class mates but she said she had fun so it was a perfect night. Left around 11 pm Christy took two of the flower center peace home Marsha said she could. I hope we have a 40th Reunion, Maybe some of my old friends that didn't come will come then.Here's a video of some of the Reunion




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